Arita speaking

Arita M. L. Bohannan has become a sought after Key Note speaker, having been invited to speak across our country. From military bases, to high schools, to women’s events, to sexual assault/rape events, to overcoming the odds of poverty, and how to marry a successful career to a happy home life, she will tailor her speech or presentation to meet your groups specific needs.

She has been a guest lecturer at high schools for topics that include how to be an author, publishing tips, and overcoming victimization. She has been invited on radio shows, and actively participates in

Book signing!

Book signing!

speaking out about being an author, the law, and overcoming childhood sexual abuse (topics of which she is very passionate).


Arita and the Troops!

She is incredibly proud to have been asked to make presentations to the military. One Army Company Commander even asked her for a copy of her speech which he said was a ‘must read’ for his two daughters.

Her sense of humor and no-nonsense approach to life (which she will present to your group with no regard to political correctness) will leave many audience participants contacting her regularly to ask her opinion, her advice, or her encouragement for years after they have met her.

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See what others are saying about Arita’s
previous speaking engagements

“You are a wonderful and assertive person that has persevered through terrible things and has overcome to be successful as many of us type A determined yet previously abused women have. Success is the greatest revenge.”

SGM Kimberly, US Army

“I am still hearing from people who think you are just the closes thing to sunshine. They loved your speech. Loved, loved, loved it. I have not heard a negative comment yet and I don’t expect I will.”

Brenda, Army SARP

Arita on the Radio

Arita on the Radio

“Thanks for totally getting what it feels like to hide in the shadows. It’s hard to be a guy and admit what happened to me. It made a big difference in my life. Hope you don’t mind me emailing you from time to time for advice!”

Joey, 16 year old high school student

“Arita I want you to know you were a blessing at our Genesis luncheon. I have received so many positive and wonderful compliments on you as the guest speaker!!”


“We would have more people attend if we had speakers like Arita!”

“So it really struck home when you said that as women we shouldn’t cry about it. It was funny, but so true!”
PFC Amy, US Army

“You made the difference between a successful event and, let’s say…a rather boring event.”